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CQT Talk by Mattia Walschaers, Chargé de Recherche - Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (UMR 8552)
Title: Multimode non-Gaussian states - a theory perspective
Abstract: I will introduce a general phase space description for continuous-variable non-Gaussian states that are generated through measurements of auxiliary modes. This will allow us to explore general connections between Gaussian quantum correlations and non-Gaussian features in the state and allow us to derive a monogamy relation for remotely generated Wigner negativity. An important class of states described by this framework are the photon-added and -subtracted states. These states often have nice non-Gaussian properties such non-positive Wigner functions, and they can be created in experiments. Photon subtraction is also a useful tool to increase entanglement in a state at the prize of a low success probability.
In the second part of this talk, I will discuss the more practical problems that arise when we try to characterize the properties of such states in highly multimode systems. I will introduce methods from network science and machine learning that we have proposed to tackle some of these problems.

May 12, 2021 03:00 PM in Singapore

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